The Joker Feat. B-Eazy

Caleb Mak lkz для четких машин The Joker Feat. B-Eazy - G-Eazy - You Got Me [NR clips] Новые Рэп Клипы 2015 [NR clips] Новые Рэп Клипы 2015

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Caleb Mak lkz для  четких машин - The Joker (Feat. B-Eazy)

Дата: 2015-10-01
Длина mp3: 03:37
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M-m-m my names Johnny

(Drop it)

Alright now call me the Joker
More like Cassanova, or Hova
Cuz when Im on the mic dude its over
The say Im off the chain Im more like off the meter
The leader I get these girls wet like Aquafina
Now stop forget all the lies and the rumors
Haters mad cuz Im on they mind like a tumor
Fo real I stay on that 808 like Kanye
Game is like BK cause I get it my way
Fast like lightning, flows exciting
Stay on my cake like icing, bite me
I might be the best musician that ever done it
I run it like Usaine Bolt Im cold like
Ive been buried in the snow with my damn shirt off
Done killin these fools DJ cut the verse off

*voice over*
Whatcha doin man? You cant end a verse like that
You got mouth speed, you got crouds to please
You got one more verse baby
Just do it for me, Im the DJ
Its your boy B.E in the buildin and I wanna hear you scream 1 more time
Lets go Joker lets go

Ok my flows to sick somebody call the doctor
Make real music and these others all imposters
Like is like a movie dude I should win an Oscar
Got these rappers cryin got them dreadin like a roster
Rap game master I will never fail
Cuz this game is like school my rhymes are show n tell
These others rappers mute cuz they aint sayin nothin
Im superbad get more action than mclovin
Try to start somethin yall could never catch me
Im ahead up in the race so yall pep could never pass me
Get back when I rap fast cause you backlash
When I get past cuz you get last like an outcast
Over my class and Im so fast so fast
Im the top of my game like a? mash
Ohhh man whos that
Best in the game and they call me C. Mak
I took a break but now Im back
Spit hot fire you still see that
Yall never never never know
What the hell is going on
Tell me who got better flow
Im stayin and Ill never go

*voice over*
Uhhh huh just sayin were gonna be here for a while baby
Cuz aint nobody got better flow than you
You the hottest thing around baby
Caleb Mak yall dont know nothin about him
Lets go Joker weve got one more verse to show em what you got baby
Say one out to the DJ B.E so lets go

The girls all screamin like when Obama was elected
And if girls are a disease then I must be infected
Ha, affected, never been rejected
Girls say you got flaws but I am perfected
Rhymes never sloppy, rappers wanna copy
Style so clean Jay-Z wanna jock me
What does it take for these rappers not to hate
Been stuck to the game like Im made of scotch tape
I dont mean to get you mad Im just tryna state the truth
Im attackin alla you like Im workin for the troops
I dont mean to hurt you dude but Im your boss now
All you haters stay back cuz its gonna go down
Man I hop up out the ride anybody know me
I stay high up off this game til Im bout to OD
Now call me the Joker but this aint no joke
Now try to battle me and well see how it goes

*voice over*
Man its a wrap joker pick yourself up
Lets go my beats go to hard your rhymes go to hard
It aint even a reason to be here so the world aint ready
Lets go hahahahahahahahah

G-Eazy - You Got Me [NR clips] (Новые Рэп Клипы 2015)

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