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BONES - MarbleFloors

Дата: 2015-12-09
Длина mp3: 02:01
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Ridin' 'round your city like I'm supposed to, supposed to
Arm hanging out the window, what the fuck you going through?
All I do is drugs, all I do is what you won't do
Everything your parents told you "don't", that's what I'm gon' do
Bitch, I'm 18, I'm in the backseat
Blunts to face, ashes to the fuckin' breeze
Bitch look at me, I'm the fuckin' man
Dropped out, left school, left Michigan
They say it won't work, but, bitch, I'm workin'
Doin' drugs, speakin' flows and it's all worth it
Cuban links, drip, drippin' down my silk shirts
I'm on the corner with the work like Young Turk
I'm not tryin' to murder, I'm not tryin' to hurt you
Won't take your car and your kids and knock you off the Earth
Won't put you in the dirt, won't put you in a hearse
I'll put you in that yellow 'rari if you tryin' to work
I'm coming up like Tony back in the '80s
Montages of banks and the tigers and the ladies
We ridin', we never hidin', we posted, it's like 80
Outside, really high and we rhymin' to the bass, see
You'll never find a flow like this
I'm not saying I'm the best, but they sure ain't like this
See they sure ain't like Kid, and Kid sure ain't like them
See they got nothin' on Bones, nothin' on that skinny white pimp

$BELIY$ -Bones

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