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Дата: 2015-11-19
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Hey man, you remember Stephanie's little cousin?
Yeah, a little feminine motherfucker
Used to be scared of the football, yeah man
Nah, nah I saw him the other night down town
Wilding out man, it was crazy
Running around Hennipen
Waving a gun at frat boys and shit

Ay dog, I heard you got those trees
Wait dog, you can't possibly be
Even thirteen, what you doing open this late?
You ain't got no older brothers to hold you in place
Yeah I know, you gotta get your hustle on
and life does go on and fronts like nothing's wrong
State law says you're too young to work
But a couple of bucks will put a
gun up under your shirt
Coke, weed, junk and speed
Teach me another type of hide and seek
Chemistry, economics, math and business
Already a pimp before high school's finished
Even the rich kids get in the mix
Only difference is them bitches did it for kicks
And we quick to say it's just a game that's dealt
that gave you that rope so you can hang yourself It goes...

[Chorus 2X]
So big kid, where did you go?
We made you grow up quick, showed you the ropes Do it up so...

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The movies and the music taught me how to do it
And how to build a crew, and how to get it moving
Supply and demand came and held my hand
Should've seen me back then, didn't even have a plan
Only had a pistol cause they had a pistol
Cocked that hammer and blowed them missiles
I only had a handful of minutes
So if we gon' talk then we only talk business
Now tell me what you want from me
I got a few females, you need some company
Because y'all don't be where those junkies be
But hold up now, you gon' pull your guns on me?
Nah man, I'm a big kid with big dreams
You gon' treat me like you know that I'm only sixteen
Huh, well fuck it right? Shut my eyesight
Only squeezed out a couple and I only got double life

[Chorus 2X]

Hey there girly, you got your worm early
Jumped off the branch, fly little birdy
Look around, but don't look down
cause you see no need to touch foot to the ground
Sex, drugs, rock and rolled up
Them older boys got you thinking that you growed up
Spent the whole day getting high
Putting work on them little thighs
And I ain't tryna criticise
You gotta live your life, you gotta get your stripes
Take aim and kiss the sky
don't be another one wishing that you did it right
Nah do your best, it's all we can expect
Try to see the game while it deals the death
Got to keep keeping on, move it along
cause there's a whole lot left
when today's all gone, now

[Chorus 2X]

Atmosphere - The Ropes

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